1. Girls Night Out 3:51             
2. Over Again 3:05            
3. All Alone :52             
4. the Environmental Song 3:40            
5. Not Perfect 3:14            
6. Moment 3:46

Formed in November 2005, Mystic Jayyd members include:

Sandra Magone-Naro ( Lead Vocals)
Ann Zablaskai ( Guitars)
Mary Ann Oleandi ( Bass)
Colleen Mastrocovo ( Drums)


This all-female 4 piece rock band . Their dynamic style combines catchy melodies with powerful lyrics. Mystic Jayyd writes and performs original music with dynamic style catchy melodies with powerful lyrics in the Rock & Roll genre.

Their range include kickin’ hard fast songs to melodic ballads.

Nominated for 'Best New Original Band' at the 2006 Buffalo Music Awards, Mystic Jayyd delivers dynamic style with catchy melodies and powerful lyrics.



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