New Music - When Friends Come Out And Play

I am really excited to announce that the new album "When Friends Come Out And Play" by Steve Rosenberg is now available. You can hear me on a couple of songs.

About "When Friends Come Out And Play"
1. DREAMS - Inspired from a nightmare Steve had when he saw an Edvard Munch painting called "The Storm"
2. LEXINGTON AVENUE- A song that has the feel of The NYC streets
3.WATER FOR JULIA- Compassion
4. THIS IS LOVE- What Love is
5. STREET LIGHTS- A song about a man who wants to get out of the town he lives in!
6. NOW ON DRUMS- Drums solo/instrumental jam
7. ROCK THE JOINT- A Rockabilly song

Steve grew up in NYC (The Bronx & Queens) When Steve lived on Long Island he played in several bands with Lee Rocker, who went on to become the founding member of rockabilly band "The Stray Cats".

After Many years of playing on other artists CDs Steve had some songs in his soul that he needed to get out - With the help of his friends that are on this CD his dreams have been realized. The Music genres on this work expand any where from in your face rock and roll-to rockabilly and even a touch of Jazz-It has been a journey that all that have been involved with are proud of-The CD is dedicated to life of our friend William Purlo who performs bass on the song "Dreams",as well as recorded 3 of the songs in his studio".

Bill passed away in during the recording of this project and when Steve spoke to him last Bill was excited about the music that was being born. Please Join us to celebrate our CD!! In Life you can never have enough friends -So Join us and listen to our music! Because Music is always the best "When friends Come Out To Play"

Music written by Steve Rosenberg

Performed with my friends

Bobby Spencer: Guitar
Don Mancuso: Guitar & Bass
Phil Naro: Vocals
Sandra Naro: Vocals
Jack Moore: Keys
Bonnie Smith: Vocals
Maresa Craig: Vocals
Billy Mckee: Vocals
Steve Rosenberg: Drums, Conga & Vocals
Chris Matheos: Bass
William Purol: Bass and master of sound

Paul Kotas: CD Design
Kara Kominiarek: Photos

(((( BUY NOW ))))

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